CM Punk Injured, Reveals AEW World Championship Future

CM Punk made an emotional revelation during Friday's AEW Rampage that immediately changed the plans for the company in the months to come. Fighting back tears, Punk took to the ring and revealed he was injured and required surgery.

AEW revealed Punk had a special announcement for tonight's Rampage shortly before the show. Not even a week since winning the title, Punk discovered he had an injury that would require surgery and force him away from the AEW title picture for a bit. It wasn't clear what injury Punk suffered, but Forbes reported that it was his leg, and he allegedly injured it during his first entrance as AEW champion on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite.

"The get-back will be better than the setback," Punk tells the camera after making the emotional announcement. "I told you I was going to go until the wheels fall off, well the wheels are still there. They haven't fallen off. It's just that one of them happens to be broken."

The former WWE champion went on to add that he's felt a lot better than he does at the moment, but he's felt a lot worse too. He also made clear that he wasn't walking away again and he would be back. What wasn't made as clear is how Punk's exit would be handled and what it meant for the AEW title.

While the injured star hinted that someone else will get a shot at the title in his place, there was confusion over if he was forfeiting the title or putting it to the side until his return.  According to Sean Ross Sapp, who was one of the confused to start, the title is still officially Punk's at the moment. Or is it? Things continued being confusing, but folks are sure it'll get worked out by next week.

Punk's injury will sideline him and allow an interim champion to be named at Forbidden Door. The winner a battle royal on the next new episode of Dynamite. The winner of the battle royal will then go on to take on Moxley, who is #1 contender at this point, before moving on again to Forbidden Door later in June to face Hiroshi Tanahashi for the interim title. CM Punk was set to face NJPW icon Tanahashi at the joint Forbidden Door show, with the seeds of the match being planted on Wednesday. This could change, though and the situation is unplanned at this point.

Who will step up to get the opportunity? Many are already pointing to MJF after his explosive promo that ended with a big f-bomb to AEW head Tony Khan. While that situation is still playing out, either for real or in storyline, the company is not short on potential champions. Stacked would be an understatement.