Chiefs DL Chris Jones Explains Heated Exchange With Tom Brady

Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones got in the face of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday. And while most defenders won't do that because Brady normally makes them pay, that wasn't the case this time around as the Chiefs ended up beating the Patriots 23-16 to hand them their first home loss of the year. On Monday, Jones talked about the heated exchange between him and Brady and he said it was nothing personal.

"Just crap-talking," Jones said of his exchange with Brady in the second quarter per NBC Sports Boston. "Tom is a heck of a quarterback, a Hall of Famer. Any time you're able to talk crap, you gotta affect him any type of way. I got much respect for Tom Brady, man.

"He's definitely a GOAT in my eyes, one of the greatest. Any time you're able to affect his game any type of way, whether it's talking, whether it's hitting him, whether it's getting him uncomfortable, you got to."

But was Jones worried about the consequences that came with trash-talking the "GOAT?"

"I mean, you see the score," Jones added.

Brady was also asked about the exchange and he said it's something he normally doesn't do.

"I typically don't try to make the d-linemen any more angry than they probably already are with me, because they're the ones that get paid to hit me," Brady said jokingly. "So, I don't really give them any incentive typically, but I couldn't really resist at certain points."


Once the game was over, Jones ended the evening with one sack to go along with his three tackles. As for Brady, he completed just 19 of his 36 passes and throwing for 169 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The Chiefs are surging heading into the final weeks of the season while the Patriots are struggling, losing three of their last five games.

Because both teams are division leaders, it's possible they will face each other again in the playoffs. However, Patriots fans are not happy because they are averaging just 17.6 points per game in the last five weeks. If the playoffs were to start today, the Chiefs would play in the first round of the playoffs and they would have to take on New England again if they win. So we could see Brady vs. Jones Round 2 next month.