Browns Players Package Food for Ohio Shelters at Cleveland Food Bank

Tuesday, members of the Cleveland Browns headed to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to put in some time and effort in order to improve the lives of others. They did this by packaging meals to be shipped out and delivered to the various food shelters, pantries, and sites throughout Northeast Ohio.

The various players, alumni, and staff were all given different duties on Tuesday, ranging from assembling boxes to packing up various food items. Others helped load the trucks and the cars that would be delivering the food to the local shelters.

The Browns have long been partners with the food banks, helping raise funds to provide money. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry and former Pro Bowl return specialist Josh Cribbs hosted the 21st Annual Taste of the Browns in September and raised more than $325,000.

"It's a time to give thanks and the blessings you've got in your life," linebacker Joe Schobert said. "It means a lot to be able to come out and volunteer at an event like this and help people who are less fortunate than us and give them something to be thankful for this week."

One of the other players present for this day of service was cornerback T.J. Carrie. He assisted with packaging boxes of food and loading them up in various vehicles, but his day did not end there. According to the team website, Carrie also spent considerable time with the other volunteers after the event, just talking and dancing to brighten their day.

"To me, this day means giving back in every facet that we can whether it's energy, time, preparation or giving out food and nutritional meals for kids and families across the world," Carrie said. "We're in the spirit right now where these next couple of months are really about giving. Whatever you can give, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, all of that matters and it all adds up to the bigger picture."

With this day of service over, Carrie and the Browns will continue preparing for a critical battle with the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Reigning victorious in this game would likely knock the Black and Yellow out of contention and would keep the Browns in the hunt for a playoff spot. The Ohio-based franchise would also be able to take home bragging right after sweeping their rival.


(Photo Credit: Jason Miller/Getty)