Brett Maher Cut From Cowboys Just After Visiting Children's Hospital, and NFL Fans Are Divided

Following a loss to the Chicago Bears in which he missed a field goal, Brett Maher is now looking for a new home. The Dallas Cowboys parted ways with him on Monday morning, opting to bring in Kai Forbath as a replacement. However, the team is drawing criticism for the way in which they released him.

Maher was one member of a Dallas Cowboys contingent that spread joy at a local Children's Hospital on Monday. He visited sick children and tried to make the day far more enjoyable. Once he returned to the team facility, which is called The Star, Maher was informed that he had been cut.

As expected, this method of parting ways generated a considerable number of responses. Why would Jason Garrett cut Maher after he spent the morning tried to enrich the lives of those that are suffering?

"Indeed. He's got a strong leg and will get another chance in the NFL, he just got into a really bad slump this year," one user wrote. "It happens. Good on him for visiting that hospital today in the face of major public criticism."

Maher turned heads when he made two field goals longer than 60 yards in the 2019 season, but the Cowboys fans have been frustrated with his inconsistencies. He has missed 10 of his attempted 30 field goals on the year, many of which were between 40-49 yards.

Interestingly enough, not everyone was happy to see the Cowboys cut ties with Maher. They simply believed that he was the man getting blamed for the various struggles throughout the 2019 season.

"Scapegoat. He'll land somewhere with a winning culture and help win big games. He's not the problem and garrett isnt the problem," one user wrote. "Cows fans refuse to address the real problem."


Of course, other fans voiced the opinion that Maher should have been kept while another prominent figure should have been sent packing. Many members of the fanbase wanted to see head coach Jason Garrett fired while Maher remained on the roster. Although they did say that the kicker should have been at the hospital checking his leg after spreading some joy to the sick children.

(Photo Credit: Leon Halip/Getty)