How Braves Player Freddie Freeman's Family Welcomed 2 Babies Within 6 Weeks

Two baby boys join Atlanta Braves player Freddie Freeman's family over the winter! While one would assume Freeman and his wife Chelsea had twin boys, that's surprisingly not the case. As USA Today notes, the MLB standout revealed the situation this week, explaining how surrogacy and a surprise pregnancy led to their family growing by two.

Freeman and Chelsea had a hard time having a second child, which led to them arranging a surrogate. However, they were just nine days from the embryo's transfer before Chelsea's announced that she's pregnant. This led to Brandon arriving on Dec. 30 and Maximus Turner being born on Valentine's Day. The two boys join the oldest son Charlie.

"Not something we were expecting at all,” Freeman said, “but it’s everything you want and more. It’s just such a crazy situation, really, to try to wrap your mind around it, but when you’re in it, and both boys are here, it’s like the best thing that ever happened. It’s going to be a long couple of years, but it’s going to be awesome when it’s all said and done. We’re having a blast. They’re great babies.”

Freeman also talked about having a big family, but that became challenging when Chelsea when she had an emergency C-section when Charlie was born. “When having Charlie happened so easily and so fast and then it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen – it takes a toll,” Freeman stated. “It takes a toll on Chelsea, a toll on me. I can try to be as comforting as possible, but it was definitely one of the toughest situations I’ve faced in my life, trying to comfort my wife during such an emotional roller-coaster ride she was on."


As Freeman takes care of his family, he's also preparing for a promising 2021 season. The Braves were just one game away from reaching the World Series last year, and Freeman was a big reason the team had success. He was named MVP after batting .341 and hitting 13 home runs, 53 RBIs and an NL-leading 23 doubles in a 60-game season.

“We’re getting closer and closer," Freeman said when talking about winning the World Series. "We’ve got the right team and the right personnel, the right coaching staff and right front office. We’re set up perfectly to achieve goals here. I can pretty much match Chipper [Jones] here if I get that World Series ring.”