Bill Belichick Responds to Antonio Brown's Apology to Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

Antonio Brown is looking for forgiveness from the New England Patriots as he recently apologized to team owner Robert Kraft for his actions during his short stint with the organization earlier this year. The move could mean Brown is looking to get back with the Patriots to end the year, but how does the team fell about the apology? Head coach Bill Belichick was recently asked about Brown's apology and he simply blew off the question.

"You'll have to talk to Robert about that," he said per WEEI Radio. "I mean every week you guys ask me about players not on the team and every week it's going to be the same answer."

It's clear Belichick has no interest in talking about Brown. But based on how the Patriots offense looked the last couple of weeks, it's clear they can use Brown. Tom Brady recently talked about the offensive struggles the team is going through and he's been frustrated the group is not on the same level as the defense.

"It's just part of how our season's gone," Brady said to Jim Gray of Westwood One Radio per NBC Sports Boston. "I think there's a lot of things we talk about internally. Things that we see that we need to do to continue to try to improve ... we're going to have to just execute better than we did and better than we have.

"We're 9-1, our defense is playing great, our special teams unit is playing great and they're keeping us in every game. Offensively, I've said we've got to take advantage when we have opportunities in [a] short field and we had a few of those yesterday. Those are the ones that probably frustrate me the most."


Brown has played in one game this year which was in Week Two. In that game, Brown caught four passes for 56 yards and one touchdown to help the Patriots beat the Dolphins 43-0. He was cut from the team the following week due to his sexual assault allegations and has been a free agent since.

Having Brown on the roster would benefit the Patriots, but they currently have the best record in the NFL at 9-1 and they are the favorite to win the AFC as well as reach the Super Bowl. So it's very likely the Patriots will not re-sign Brown anytime soon.