Antonio Brown’s Ex Chelsie Kyriss Seemingly Backs Down After Threatening to Expose Him: 'I Won't Ruin His Reputation'

Antonio Brown's ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss recently revealed that she knows secrets about him that could "end his entire life." She won't be sharing those with the world, however, based upon an update from her Instagram account. Kyriss has clarified that she will be keeping these secrets in order to preserve Brown's relationship with their children.

In a series of comments on her Instagram stories, Kyriss said that her kids think the world of "him" and that she will let them continue. She also said that she wouldn't be ruining his reputation given that "he seems to have done that" himself.

"As bad as I want to give you all my side and what a walking mental case he is I'm going to refrain!" Kyriss wrote on Instagram. "My kids still think the world of him and I will let them continue!"

This update comes on the heels of multiple heated interactions between the former couple on social media. Brown started by alleging that Kyriss had committed acts of infidelity while looking to "hit his pockets" for thousands of dollars. She then responded by saying that she had the pictures that could end his entire life.

Kyriss also wrote that Brown had to find someone to help him get over her. She only had to find herself to get over the former New England Patriots receiver.

The situation did not end with the comments on Instagram, however, as Brown also live-streamed an altercation with the police at his home in Miami. The authorities had escorted Kyriss into the neighborhood in order for her to collect clothing for their children. However, the bigger point of contention for Brown was the fact that Kyriss was driving a Bentley SUV that he said belonged to him.

As the weekend progressed, it appeared that this situation between Brown and Kyriss would grow uglier with each passing hour, but her comments changed the situation. Instead of sharing Brown's secrets with the world, she has instead seemingly backed away from the confrontation.


Brown and Kyriss are likely over for good at this point despite previous splits in their past, which will only create concerns about the children's future time with their father. According to her comments, Kyriss wants the young ones to continue loving Brown and thinking the world of him. She says that she won't be doing anything to change their opinions.

Photo Credit: Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty