AEW Star Jade Cargill Talks TBS Championship Run, Staying Undefeated (Exclusive)

Jade Cargill has become one of the top stars in All Elite Wrestling in a short amount of time. Since making her professional wrestling debut two years ago today (March 3, 2021), the 30-year-old has dominated the competition and became the inaugural TBS Champion in January 2022. In an exclusive interview with, Cargill talked about winning the title and remaining champion today. 

"I feel like I have the mindset that I can do any and everything that I put my mind and my body to, as long as I'm just gunning for it," Cargill exclusively told PopCulture. "I didn't think I would be in the position I am. But at the same time, I feel like I would be in the position I am because regardless of where I was going to be, I was going to work my butt off because I have that mindset as an athlete to buy into a system. But thankfully, I work for a company that believed in me. Tony Kahn, AEW, the entire staff behind the curtain. Everybody believes in what I'm doing. The veterans at our company believe what I'm doing, and they want to see me do great things. So when I seen that I had them rallying behind me and they want me to succeed and they want me to be a generational talent, the sky's the limit."

On the week of Jan. 13, Cargill became the longest-reigning champion in AEW history at 373 days, breaking Hikaru Shida's 372-day record with the AEW Women's World Championship. And on top of that, Cargill is keeping up with her undefeated streak as she's currently 53-0. Cargill's run has people talking about her having the same run as Goldberg in WCW in the late 1990s when he went 173-0 (which has been debated), but she has no interest in being like any other professional wrestler. 

"I think that I have a Jade Cargill run," she said. "I'm not here to be like anyone else. I'm not here to be like Chyna. She was an inspiration to me, to loving my body and wanting to embark into wrestling. But I'm Jade Cargill. There's only one me, there's only one Goldberg. I don't aspire to be anybody but myself. I think my path is totally different than Goldberg. He was a phenomenal wrestler. He is a household name and he will continue to be. And the only thing I strive to be is a household name, but the Jade Cargill way."