AEW's Dustin Rhodes, Formerly WWE's Goldust, Reveals Controversial Thoughts on Coronavirus Shutdowns

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced millions to remain at home in self-quarantine. Businesses have shut down in light of health and safety concerns. There are questions about when the world will begin to "open back up" once again, but professional wrestler Dustin Rhodes believes that it's time.

The current All Elite Wrestling performer weighed in on the current situation in a Facebook post that has since been deleted. He said that the world needs to open back up. Rhodes also talked about the impact that a prolonged shutdown would potentially have on the economy. Additionally, the longtime wrestler compared the current situation to "socialism."

"The world needs to open back up and end this mass hysteria," Rhodes wrote in the post. "We are not a socialist nation. We are not a democracy! We are a republic. If we go on any longer with this bulls—, our economy will be shot and that much harder to kick start. #EndTheShutdown."

This post was met with some criticism from users on Facebook, so Rhodes added more thoughts in a separate comment. He explained that he understands the seriousness of the pandemic and noted the number of lives lost. However, Rhodes also said that people just need to take precautions.

"I mean, no doubt we have an epidemic on our hands, and have sustained losses which is sad, but we have to move on with our lives," Rhodes continued. "Take precautions is fine, but end the shutdown please. I CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE, GUYS. Jeeze, take precautions, don't go out if you have a comprised immune system. Wear your masks and social distance. Still open up."

After deleting the initial post that drew criticism, Rhodes crafted another that was slightly different in tone. He asked his fans for opinions about the situation. He provided his strategy for incorporating precautions and said that he thinks everyone will "be ok."

"Hey friends, are you ready to get back to business?" Rhodes later wrote in a separate Facebook post. "If we take precautions like wearing masks and social distancing, I believe we will be ok. What's your thoughts?"


The end of the various stay-at-home orders is currently unknown, but there are some areas of the country that are slowly reopening. Some beaches in Florida were opened to the public while Tennessee and Texas are beginning to lift some restrictions. Whether these changes lead to other states following suit remains to be seen, but Rhodes would prefer to see the world open up once again.