Research Reveals How Much Sex People Your Age Are Having

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A new research study has revealed how much sex people are having, and the results might totally shock you. Forewarning, this new study might give you a serious confidence boost, or might possibly be damaging to your ego.

The Kinsey Institute For Research in Sex, Reproduction, and Gender concluded that 18-29 year-olds are doing the deed twice as much as people in their 40's, according to Esquire.

18-29 year-olds are having sex about 112 times a year, or twice a week, as reported by the research center that is a part of Indiana University.

Another interesting statistic was that "millennials who reached young adulthood around the year 2000 have the most sex out of anyone."

Not only are men and women in this age group getting frisky more often, but also another study conducted by the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania discovered university students who had sex once or twice a week had "higher levels of antibodies compared to those who had sex less often," according to The Sun.

As people get older, the study revealed that there is a sharp decrease in sexual activity. People of the ages 30 to 39 are having sex 1.6 times per week, or 86 times per year.

Most depressingly, people in the 40-49 year-old age bracket showed a decrease to an average of 1.3 times per week, or 69 times per year.

One positive way to look at these new statistics is that it's more about quality than quantity as you get older.

The sex research study also revealed interesting statistics regarding married couples. Around 45% of couples who have tied the knot have sex several times a month, and 34% get it on two or three times a week. For some poor souls out there, 13% reported having sex only a few times a year.

Website Your Tango conducted a study of married couples to discover the "minimum, average, and ideal" number of sexual activities per month.

The results revealed that the minimum amount of sex was once a month, average was once a week, and the ideal number was three to five times a week.

"The health benefits of sex were identified as helping lower blood pressure, easing stress and anxiety and aiding sleep at night," The Sun reported.

Learn more from the Kinsey Institute of Research Twitter account here.


Do the results of this sex research surprise you?

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