Zoey's Adorable Pleas for a Christmas Puppy Delight Fans of 'The Little Couple'

Will and Zoey's pleas for a Christmas puppy made The Little Couple fans melt Tuesday, even if they exasperated parents Bill Klein and Jen Arnold.

Christmas photo time! Did you create your holiday card yet? #littlecouple

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Just in time for Christmas, the family takes a trip with grandparents Judy and David Arnold to Klein's pet supplies shop Rocky & Maggie's, where a local rescue is hosting a dog adoption event.

"The goal is to get all the puppies adopted by families other than mine," Bill jokes. The family already has two dogs, after which the shop is named.

But for 7-year-old Will and 6-year-old Zoey, the allure of a store full of puppies is too much to bear.

One little black pup named Vader especially calls to Will.

"Dad I want this dog! I want to adopt him!" he pleads to his father. Finding out the dog is named after Darth Vader from Star Wars seals the deal for the little boy.

"That doesn't bode well for us," Bill says.

Grandma Judy is not helping the situation, telling the kids to pick out their favorite dogs for Christmas.

"Mommy, Nai Nai said I can get another dog," Will tells Jen.

"She's not making my life any easier," Jen admits. "Grandparents never like to tell their grand kids no you can't. They leave that up to the parents."

Zoey, meanwhile, focuses her energy on a little black and white puppy named PJ, walking him around the store and whispering sweet affirmations to him.

"I love him," she tells Bill. When dad says no, the little girl gives the dog a sweet goodbye speech.

"I know PJ, I know you love me, but sometimes my dad says I can't keep you," she tells the dog. "But I love you with all my...all my heart."

Fans lost it over Zoey's speech to the dog, calling it one of the cutest things they'd ever seen.

At the end fo the day, Jen and Bill convince the kids that they're busy enough with the dogs they have already to adopt any new friends that day


"At the end of the day, I have to put my foot down and let the kids know we're not taking home a dog today," Bill says, reassuring his kids that the dogs will be adopted, "They'll have a fantastic home with loving parents this weekend."

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