MTV Reality Alum Reveals Dire Reason for Leaving Wife and Children

Love is no longer in the air with Making The Band 4 alum, Willie Talor and Shanda Denyce. There's a saying that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and Denyce understands. Taylor is part of Day26, the all-male band R&B group curated by Diddy in 2007. Denyce and Taylor's relationship has been part of the tabloids since he was selected as a group member.

Taylor and Denyce's marriage has played out on Marriage Boot Camp. Their marriage was riddled with infidelity. However, the former couple were committed to keeping their family intact.

Denyce first addressed her longtime husband leaving her but maintained that she's OK. "Gonna be completely honest I've never felt so good from the inside and out. The sad part is people don't like to see it cause they are used to u being unhappy," she captioned a selfied of herself. "It scares them, so they put you thru turmoil to break you and keep you broken. Yes, the tagged...You can't hold me down if u tried," she added. "Left me aimlessly with 4 kids cause u needed a break. Guess what they saddled on my back girlfriend." 

Now, Taylor has an explanation. In an Instagram video, he gave his side of the story. With no t-shirt and appearing bare-chested, Taylor told fans, "I love my family and sometimes you need a break," he said, appearing from a dessert. "This break is for me. I don't want to lose myself. So, I came up to Sedona, to me dally grab my peace." The couple has two toddler children, a girl and a boy born just a few years apart. The two have had an on-again-off-again relationship since the start. However, they typically make their way to one another.