Why Flavor Flav Rejected Tiffany 'New York' Pollard for the Second Time on 'Flavor of Love'

Tiffany "New York" Pollard was the breakout star of Flavor of Love. She originally appeared on the program's first season, which premiered in January 2006. Pollard would go on to appear on the second season of the show, which aired later that same year, in an attempt to woo over Flavor Flav yet again. But, for the second season in a row, she was the runner-up. Now, over a decade later, you can relive the dramatic scene with Pollard's iconic exit and all.

Pollard and Chandra "Deelishis" Davis were the final two for the second Flavor of Love season. Heading into the final elimination, Pollard was confident that Flav would choose her. Of course, Davis was equally looking forward to starting a life with the rapper. "Right before my eyes right now, I got two dimes. Two diamonds. Diamonds," Flav began, delivering his final decision. "Remember it takes pressure to make a diamond. Diamonds is a girl's best friend." After waxing poetic about diamonds, the rapper delivered the news to the two women. He first praised Davis, telling her that he admired her honesty and the fact that she's a mother. He also said that Davis was "down for" him. As for Pollard, Flav said, "Me and you, we got history, G. A passionate history, too, New York. But, you've always been down for me, too, New York."

Before he shared his final decision, Flav told Pollard that he loved her, which led Davis to believe that her time was up. However, he then went on to say that he saw a side to Pollard that he didn't like, saying that she had "jealous ways." He then told her that her "time was up" (Flavor of Love's term for an elimination). Pollard, naturally, was not thrilled about this turn of events and wasted no time in letting Flav know. She asked him why he brought her back in the first place for the second season of the show, to which he didn't share an answer.


After the two exchanged some harsh words, Pollard walked away, telling Flav, "f— you." She then delivered the iconic line as she walked away, "I don't give a f—. Do I look like I give a f—? Because I don't." Once she was in the car on her way home, she continued to tell the camera how she felt. She admitted that she did "love" Davis and Flav together. Yet, in the same breath, she also said that she hated them. More specifically, she said that she hated Flav for "what he did to me." The season ended with Flav and Davis in a loving embrace. Flavor of Love would come back for one more season in 2008, and the rapper continued his love (and drama-filled) journey.