'What on Earth?' Premieres New Season Exploring Global Mysteries on Science Channel

The Science Channel is taking viewers inside the mysteries of the world with a brand new season of What on Earth?, premiering Thursday, Aug. 27 at 9 p.m. Ahead of the season's debut, PopCulture.com has a sneak peek of the fascinating and extraordinary journey the show promises as experts investigate mysteries captured by the state-of-the-art satellites and drones scanning every inch of our planet.

As these high-tech cameras roam the skies, invisible to human eyes, they capture things hiding out of plain site, including "bizarre, long hidden structures," mysterious natural phenomena, and top-secret
facilities. In the all-new season of What on Earth?, viewers will travel around the globe to discover the truth about these puzzling images thanks to top-of-the-line aerial imaging and analysis from the world’s leading investigators and scientists. "We need to know what is it and why is it there?" one expert pontificates in the new trailer shared with PopCulture. "And this is just getting weirder and weirder."

What on Earth
(Photo: Discovery)

This season, the experts take on mysteries captured on all the corners of the earth, from Brazil to China and England to Australia. In this season, scientists discover something incredible dating back to ancient Egypt after satellites uncover a strange field of mounds the size of Great Britain. Meanwhile, in Turkey, aerial images reveal the underwater remains of a building linked to the dawn of Christianity, and in Scandinavia, technology helps to uncover a "macabre new form" of Viking burial. Later in the season, historians investigate images from England that lead to a coverup behind one of the most catastrophic explosions in history. All that, plus a "spontaneously combusting lake," 21st century "zombie town," a Celtic portal "to the land of the dead," and the lost pyramids of China on the brand new season of What on Earth?, only on the Science Channel.

Don't miss the premiere of What on Earth? on Thursday, Aug. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on Science Channel, and don't hesitate to weigh in live using the hashtag #WhatonEarth or by following Science Channel's discussion about the shows on social media. What on Earth? is produced for Science Channel by Wag TV. For Wag TV, the executive producers are Nick Patterson and Martin Durkin. For Science Channel, Neil Laird is executive producer. For more on the Science Channel from PopCulture, click here.