Watch the Moment 'The Blended Bunch' Family Goes Through With Their Adoption in Heartwarming Exclusive Sneak Peek

It's a big day in the Means-Shemwell household as Erica Means and Spencer Shemwell prepare to [...]

It's a big day in the Means-Shemwell household as Erica Means and Spencer Shemwell prepare to officially merge their two families into one by officially adopting one another's children. After meeting in an online widower support group following the loss of their first spouses, The Blended Bunch stars have been working hard to merge their 11 collective kids into one big family, and adoption day is a huge milestone on that journey, as seen in PopCulture's exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's season finale of the TLC show.

"Today is finally adoption day," Erica tells the camera as she and her husband decorate the house for the celebration, as Spencer agrees, "This is an important day. This is a big deal." Preparing for the "new beginning' feels like "the first day of the rest of [their] lives," Spencer adds. The adoption day might look a little different than they first expected, as the hearing will be virtual, but that's only given the TLC stars more reason to make their home into a party central, complete with streamers and plastic gavels for the kids. "I feel great about this adoption," 8-year-old daughter Harper tells the camera. "I feel really happy because instead of telling people that we're stepsisters or stepfamily, we can now say, 'We're family.'"

The judge presiding over their adoption can see just how excited the kids are to get the hearing underway, noting, "Sounds like an exciting day for everybody!" Erica jokes to him, "We have one child in particular who wants to know why you don't wear a wig. She thinks the judges have to wear a big wig," to which he responds good-naturedly, "Well, here's the secret. I do!"

After the giggles have subsided, he turns to Erica: "Do you understand that for each of these children, Brayden, Avery, Bexley and Harper, that you will, the acting in every respect as their mother?" to which she responds, "Yes, I do understand that." Turning to Spencer, he says, "You know, adopting these seven Means children, that's a big responsibility. ... Are you willing to take upon yourself all of the responsibilities of a father by adopting these children?" to which Spencer responds that he is.

"So, based on the record that we've developed here today, I'm approving the adoptions," the judge says as the whole family begins to celebrate. "Congratulations to the Means-Shemwell family!" Don't miss the rest of The Blended Bunch season finale, airing Tuesday, April 20 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.