Watch Jenelle Evans and David Eason React to Winning Tense Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans and David Eason were all smiles following a judge granting them back custody of two of their kids. The former Teen Mom 2 couple were photographed outside of a North Carolina courthouse Wednesday after a judge ruled they could reunite with Ensley, 2, and Kaiser, 5.

Just after the hearing Evans told press the case had been dismissed, similar to messaged she posted on her Twitter earlier in the day.

Watch the video, posted by Radar Online, here.

After being congratulated by the interviewer, Evans responded "Thank you. Dismissed." and added, "very happy."

Eason also said in the video, "Just stay on your Ps and Qs because some people try to accuse you of things that are not necessarily true, blow things out of the water that are very small."

Evans and Eason temporarily lost custody of their children back in May following a Child Protective Services investigation prompted by Eason killing Evans' pet dog, Nugget, after it bit Ensley.

The Teen Mom 2 alum also shared a statement with PEOPLE celebrating the outcome of her legal battle to gain back her children, writing: "I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!"

"Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I'm a good parent," she added.

The couple is set to reunite with Evans' son Kaiser, whoosh shares with Nathan Griffith, Thursday at 10 a.m. local time. It was not revealed when Evans' mother Barbara has to give Ensley back to her parents. Barbara will still keep custody of Evans' son Jace, 9, whom Jenelle shares with Andrew Lewis. It was also not revealed if Eason's daughter Maryssa would go back to her father's home.

The news of the ruling came shortly after Evans tweeted (and deleted) "CASE DISMISSED." She also tweeted "Crying in tears of joy" along with three crying face emojis, clearly reacting to the court's decision.

The court ruling also comes a day after Evans and Eason called 911 on her mother, Barbara, after she reportedly locked Ensley in a room by herself while she took a shower.

"David and I were on FaceTime with Jace when we heard my mom to say Ensley, 'Come here, I have to take a shower.' Then she took Ensley in the other room, and we immediately heard her screaming and crying," Evans told Us Weekly about what happened.

"We asked Jace what was going on, and he said my mom locked Ensley in the bedroom so she can take a shower," she added. "We told Jace to get the door open, and when he couldn't get the door open, we called 911 for help because all we could hear was Ensley screaming."


It's unclear whether the incident played a role in the court's decision.