'RHOC's' Vicki Gunvalson Opens up About Her Plastic Surgery Regrets

The Real Housewives are not shy when it comes to talking about their plastic surgery procedures.

The "OG of the OC" Vicki Gunvalson is one of many housewives who have gone under the knife, but she does have some regrets.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed the one moment of the show's running that truly makes her cringe.

"I do regret having my nose and my chin done two weeks before filming four years ago," Gunvalson tells PeopleStyle about her new look at the start of season 8. "I thought we were going to have a break of two to three months and all of a sudden cameras were up and I was like a moon face. I was so swollen and I couldn't move my mouth and it was totally embarrassing. And that's forever on DVDs for the rest of my life so I regret doing that surgery right before we started filming."

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Her RHOC castmate, Tamra Judge, recently debuted the results of her facelift two weeks after surgery, and Gunvalson says Judge looks great.

"She's turning 50 this year so I think more power to her," Gunvalson says of Judge. "She looks beautiful. I think it looks great."

Despite her regrets about the timing of her procedures, Gunvalson still stands by her decision to undergo the surgery and embraces it. "I think people do plastic surgery [because] it's just like painting a house, sometimes things fall apart and you need to fix them."

She adds: "Sometimes you're just not happy with your body and working out doesn't help it and as you get older all this stuff starts changing."

Gunvalson has had work done to her nose, chin, breasts and upper and lower eyes, but admits she still isn't completely satisfied with her look. "I feel like I need to get my neck done now," she shares. "My neck is getting old. I don't like my neck."


Photo Credit: Twitter / @IceSif