'Very Cavallari': Kristin Cavallari 'Maxed Out' Amid Employee Drama, Looking for Uncommon James VP

It's all getting to be a little too much for Kristin Cavallari as she balances running Uncommon James with her business and family obligations.

In Sunday's Season 2 finale of Very Cavallari, the E! star took a major step in her marriage to Jay Cutler, revealing that while she had previously asked him to step up the support, she was also willing to make sacrifices.

Revealing that she had turned down red carpet hosting duties at the Grammys, Cavallari told a shocked Cutler, "It's so much stuff back-to-back-to-back that I'm just in a place now where, unless it's really important to me, I'm gonna start saying no to things so I can spend more time with you guys."

"I'm maxed out for sure," The Hills alum added to the camera. "I'm sort of at my limit, and I do want to get to a place where my plate isn't so full. That's why I absolutely need somebody to be VP."

With Brittainy Taylor and Reagan Agee feuding behind the scenes at Uncommon James, Cavallari was feeling extra pressure.

"I just can't be putting out fires anymore, I can't be dealing with drama...I should probably never even know about it," she said.

While longtime friend Stephanie Biegel would be her first choice as a VP, Biegs wasn't quite convinced to move out to Nashville from L.A. after seriously considering it.

"Looks like you're gonna have to lead your ship onward," Cutler told his disappointed wife. "I got faith, though. I think you can do it."

The former NFL player even tried to lighten the load in his own way, offering to pack up the kids and accompany her on a business trip to L.A.

"Are you feeling OK? I don't think I've ever heard these words come out of your mouth," Cavallari said, laughing. She added to the camera later, "He hates going to L.A., so I know that this is him really trying. He's making an effort and it means a lot."


Very Cavallari Season 3 is scheduled to premiere in 2020.

Photo credit: Tommaso Boddi / Stringer, Getty