'A Very Brady Renovation' Star Mina Starsiak Reveals Next TV Home She Would Love to Renovate With HGTV (Exclusive)

A Very Brady Renovation is unlike anything audiences have ever seen on television in recent years [...]

A Very Brady Renovation is unlike anything audiences have ever seen on television in recent years and if fans are any indicator of its mega success, the meticulous replication of the iconic Brady Bunch house is more than just feeding nostalgia to audiences — it's raising the bar on its specialty programming with a likely foray into a realm of extraordinary restorations for iconic TV show homes.

Good Bones star and Brady home renovator, Mina Starsiak reveals in an exclusive with PopCulture.com that if HGTV were to tackle another famous TV home for another season, she'd not only want to be a part of it, but has an idea for which iconic show's crib should be restored to all its pop culture glory.

"I'm ready for that question because someone asked me out on the red carpet for the premiere and I know what to say," Starsiak laughed with PopCulture.com. "The only thing that did come to mind at the time was the Friends apartment, but even having more time to think about it, I think that's the answer I would stick with — I think that would be a fun one!"

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Complete with purple walls, a gorgeous view and an open concept featuring a compact kitchen and spacey living room with two bedrooms and a bathroom, the '90s sitcom's six-story apartment of tan bricks in New York's prestigious West Village would be a lot of ground to cover. But with Starsiak always up for a challenge, she says she would 100 percent be on board for a second helping, regardless.

"Yes, I would love to. It would be so fun!" she said.

Starsiak's A Very Brady Renovation co-star and fellow designer, Jasmine Roth also chimed in with her pick for HGTV's potential greenlight for a second season, sharing with PopCulture.com exclusively that she'd love to be a part of anything fans love.

"Oh my goodness, that would be amazing!" Roth said earlier over the possibility of a second TV home renovation. "Find me the house and I'm there!"

While real estate is all about location, many will know how in TV land that isn't always the case. In between shooting exteriors within a real neighborhood for authenticity, many shows film their interiors on a studio set — like in the case of The Brady Bunch, which was shot on the Paramount lot between 1969 to 1974.

Throwing around ideas to Roth, the Virginia native enthused over ideas like Full House and Friends, but suggested the beloved high-rise featured in Seinfeld.

"It's a big thing," she admitted of the ideas. "I mean, that's not too old, but it would be fun to be able to do and have people walk through it. Yeah, I'm totally in!"

Starsiak and Roth might just get their wish considering how well A Very Brady Renovation has been doing in ratings. In its season premiere on Sept. 9, the show-stopping restoration delivered mega ratings, raking in more than 8 million viewers, setting an all-time record high for HGTV and proving a real interest in iconic TV homes.

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While Starsiak admits to PopCulture.com she tries to stay away from reading comments online, the Indianapolis native is humbled by the reception from fans watching the four-part event series.

"I try to follow the direction that I was given by almost everyone in TV to not read the comments, so I try not to," Starsiak laughed. "But overwhelmingly from personal conversations, friends, family, the general feedback we got and especially the amount of viewers we had, I think it's overwhelmingly positive."

Starsiak adds that one of the things she "really, really liked" is how everyone from the cast, crew and those working behind-the-scenes are also being featured during the grueling renovation.

"We viewed the first episode early at the premiere party and we didn't know how they'd edited it and my favorite thing was that they showed all the people that worked their butts off behind the scenes," she said. "Because we're the HGTV stars, but there was all of these people on the production team and the construction end that none of it would've happened without them. So, I really, really like that aspect of it and that they got a little face time and some credit where it is definitely due."

A Very Brady Renovation airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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