'Unexpected': Taron Threatens Reanna Over Delivery Room Decision in Exclusive Sneak Peek

The tension between exes Reanna and Taron is heating up as the Unexpected stars prepare for the [...]

The tension between exes Reanna and Taron is heating up as the Unexpected stars prepare for the birth of their first baby. In a PopCulture.com exclusive of Sunday's all-new episode of the TLC show chronicling unplanned teen pregnancies, the young mother, 15, and her ex, 17, attend a prenatal check-up just two weeks before Reanna's planned C-section.

Reanna's mom, Jessica, 33, explains that her teen will have to undergo a C-section due to a procedure she had as child called an anoplasty, or a surgery "to correct a birth defect involving the rectum and anus," according to MedLine Plus. "So they think if she had the natural birth, it would cause them to have to go in there and reconstruct the work that they did during the anoplasty, and she might not heal correctly," Jessica explains during her confessional.

Because she will be undergoing a scheduled C-section, Reanna has been given the task of determining which one person she will have in the operating room to witness the birth of her child. It's here that things get tricky with Reanna and Taron, who recently broke up due to infidelity on the father-to-be's part, as Reanna would prefer her own mother in the delivery room with her instead of the baby's dad. "She's pretty set on me being in the delivery room with her instead of Taron, because she just thinks that Taron may bring her more stress," Jessica shares. "But I'm hoping that she will change her mind."

Taron is upset at possibly being excluded from his child's birth as well. "I feel like I deserve to be one of the first to hold my child, and I want to be in the delivery room," he says. "I think I deserve to be in there, just because I am the father, that's it."

Reanna doesn't exactly have a ton of sympathy for his ex, telling cameras "he put his self in the situation," but the teen's mother advises her to reconsider. "Using a child as a pawn to get back at someone, that's the worst thing and the most cowardly thing that somebody could do," she tells her daughter, who responds indignantly, "I'm not using it to get back at him."

Taron isn't willing to take this as the start of their co-parenting relationship, however, telling her he hoped his exclusion isn't "a sign of things to come." He adds to the camera as Reanna looks on, "When the baby's born, if Reanna doesn't let me see her, I'd probably have to take her to court to just try to see my baby as much as I can." Unexpected airs Sundays 10 p.m. ET on TLC.