'Unexpected': McKayla Threatens to 'Withhold' Son Timmy Clashing With Caelan (Exclusive)

McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison are on worse terms than ever as the former couple awaits the [...]

McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison are on worse terms than ever as the former couple awaits the birth of daughter Gracelynn. In PopCulture.com's exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode of Unexpected, a pregnant McKayla threatens to keep the couple's 2-year-old son Timmy from Caelan's mom as she moves out of their home together and back in with her grandparents.

"It's dumb that she's moving out and moving and moving and moving and moving," Caelan tells the cameras of her decision to move out and take their son. "But I just kinda like, I felt like they've been gone since we've moved in that house. I just feel like it's just my house, it's just me there. So it's like, it is what it is really."

He continues, "A part of me feels like we should be together because, the baby and everything like that coming soon. But at the same time, there's also other things you gotta kinda think about. Not just how I feel and that I want her there. But I'm kinda at the point in my life where I need to focus on myself a little bit too. I can't spend all my time trying to please her and please everybody else. I need to focus on my life and I should've done that from the start."

Things are clearly tense for the two as Timmy's crib is packed and ready to go back to the pregnant 19-year-old's family home, but things come to a head when Caelan asks if his mother can spend time with her grandson the following day after clearing that an eye infection was not contagious.

"Stop talking," McKayla snaps back, clarifying, "I'm not talking about that. It's not what I'm here for."

Caelan asks, "Are we gonna do this game again where we just don't let my mom see Timmy? Is that what we're doing?"

"Yes, I'm gonna withhold the children again," McKayla tells him.

As the two bicker back and forth over the visiting schedule, Caelan asks, "Why are you spending time with him on Sunday when Sunday's the day that my mom gets to see him and you've had him this whole entire week? I've only seen him two days, so why do you need to spend more time with him when you've seen him for a week?"

"'Cause I'm his mother and he lives with me," she responds cooly.

Things don't get better from the couple even after their daughter, Gracelynn, is born in January, with Caelan taking to social media to complain about the mother of his children just months later.

"For everyone asking why I don't post pics of my daughter and my son all the time is because I can never see them," he wrote on Snapchat in April. "McKayla will not let me be a father or be in those kids' life and it kills me everyday to have to go through this. I hope you all can see."

McKayla soon fired back on Twitter, writing, "He was just over at my house and left bc I told him he's not seeing our kids outside of my home bc I don't trust him, he doesn't have a reliable car or a car seat for that matter and he was pissed bc he spanked Timothy really hard and I freaked out on him."

"Regardless of being slammed on social media and people assuming the worst about me I will do anything and everything to protect my kids and make sure they're okay," she continued. "They're my priority and always will be. I don't care about Caelan's feelings, as long as my kids are safe."

Unexpected airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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