Lana Flips on 'Total Divas' Castmates She Says Are 'Not Supportive'

What started as a WWE mentorship is turning into a out-of-ring feud on Total Divas.

When Nattie meets for pre-match mimosas with Nia Jax and Carmella, she reveals Lana has been blowing up her phone for days with questions about her performance and character.

"Ever since Lana has been in the WWE, she's come to me about a bunch of different things," Nattie tells the camera. "But Lana's text messages and questions and analyzing everything to death is not helping."

She continues: "Lana is very driven, she's very ambitious, she's a hard workers, she's overachieving ...But Lana I just wanna have a mimosa."

When Lana arrives at the get together, Nattie confronts her about her constant questioning.

"Lana I'm sorry, but I don't wanna talk wrestling 24/7 with you," she says. "You're beating a dead horse."

Lana escalates the fight, getting in her friend's face saying that she just needs the opportunity to improve her wrestling and doesn't appreciate the Diva's lack of support.

"I have very, very, very limited time to improve, and it sucks that the girls are not supportive," Lana confesses.

But her sensitivity to criticism and unwillingness to accept gradual improvement angers Nattie.

"Lana, you might not be meant for our business," Nattie says.

Hurt, Lana claps back, saying, "You might not be meant to ever cut a promo, so before you come at me, maybe take an acting class."

Lana then ropes in Jax, saying she isn't performing well on the mic either, saying her "lazy motherf--king a--" isn't trying as hard as she does to improve.

"Lana's lucky that Nattie's nice, but it's a different game with me," Jax tells the camera. "I don't play nice."

Before things get crazier than they already have, Carmella steps in to deescalate the situation.

"All of us have something to bring to the table, let's not tear each other down," she says.

Later, Nattie says while she's sorry for saying Lana might not be cut out for wrestling, she's done with their friendship.


"That's not a friend to me," she says.

Photo credit: WWE