'Total Divas' to Delve Into Paige's 'Demons,' Bella Twins Tease in New Video

Total Divas is about to get real if the Bella twins are to be believed.In a new clip on the WWE [...]

Total Divas is about to get real if the Bella twins are to be believed.

In a new clip on the WWE sisters' YouTube channel, Nikki and Brie Bella teased Wednesday's episode of the E! reality show will be a semi-serious one, as Paige travels to San Diego to hang out with the twins.

"All of [the Total Divas stars] are my favorites but I am excited because one of my favorites is coming and visiting us in San Diego," Brie says in the video.

Normally visitors are "tortured" by Nikki's tea times, Brie says, before being interrupted by her indignant twin.

"And then they talk about it later, how much they loved it, they were grateful for the experience, the history lesson," Nikki says, trailing off.

Brie continues, "So instead of being tortured by Nicole's tea times, we are gonna do things Paige's way tonight. And that means dive bars, we go to a junk yard and smash cars."

"But other than that, we just have a really great bonding experience and Paige really opens up to Nicole and I tonight about her kind of demons from her past and how much she misses wrestling," Brie adds.

"Look," she says, holding up her arm. "I already have goosebumps."

Fans of the reality show know that Paige is currently struggling to settle into her role outside the ring after suffering an injury that makes her unable to wrestle.

"It's kind of bittersweet 'cause I'm not gonna be wrestling due to injury," Paige said in the season premiere of the show. "I kind of have a secret to confess: I have to give my retirement speech after WrestleMania. I'm so sad, I made my debut here and now I have to make my retirement here."

She is making strides in her personal relationships, however, introducing her new boyfriend to her fellow Divas during last week's episode.

"Me and Kalan [Blehm], we wanted to keep it private, because we just wanted to have our own little world for a second," she admitted before spilling the news. "I'm really happy, and I don't want anything to interfere with this relationship, anything to ruin this relationship, because I finally found a guy where I feel like he's the one."

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on E!

Photo credit: YouTube/The Bella Twins