'Total Divas' Star Hospitalized Over Concerning Infection

C.J. Perry is dealing with an infection in her finger and arm.

A Total Divas alum and current All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star is dealing with a health issue. C.J. Perry (f.k.a. Lana) went to social media this past weekend to reveal a severe infection she has in her finger and arm. On X (formerly known as Twitter), Perry said she was in the hospital for an infection that started in her finger and had gone up to her arm. She apologized for missing the AEW shows on Friday and Saturday and is looking forward to making her debut in Mexico with Andrade El Idolo soon. 

It's not clear how Perry's finger got infected or how long she will be off television. Perry, 38, made her AEW debut earlier this year, appearing at All Out to surprise her husband Miro. She is known for her time in WWE, working for the promotion under the name Lana from 2013 to 2021. And during her time in WWE, Perry appeared on the E! reality series Total Divas from 2015 to 2018.

While appearing on Insight with Chris Van Vliet earlier this year, Perry talked about joining AEW after being away for two years.  "I was really excited. I was so excited to return the wrestling, especially in Chicago," Perry said, per 411 Mania. "I love Chicago, I actually debuted in WWE in Chicago my first live promo was in Chicago. I can't remember the exact date but it was the beginning of March, CM Punk had just left so everyone's like are you gonna be OK there are gonna be CM Punk chants. And I feel like I held my own I with Miro and so then we did, the first time that 'We want Lana' chants happened was in Chicago and Miro came out."

Perry continued:  "At the time he was Rusev and came out with a really bad Russian lawyer. And it was on my birthday and they started chanting 'We want Lana.' So that was cool. And my official babyface turn happened there in WWE. So it's really cool to be able to have that special moment with AEW debuting there because I love Chicago and the fans have always rooted for me so much. So it's really awesome to be able to, like have that special connection with them now with AEW as well."