'Total Bellas' Preview: Nikki Bella's Beach House Attracts Unwanted Attention

Will Nikki Bella's San Diego beach house be the relaxing new home she hoped? Not if prying fans have their way with the WWE Superstar.

In a sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode of Total Bellas, Bella and her mom Kathy Colace tour her new beach side rental house, which the reality personality hopes will act as a new start after calling off her wedding to John Cena and moving out of his estate.

"For the last six years I lived in this gated community, and so San Diego, it's just the beach is where it's at," Bella says of moving on from her home with Cena. "It's where my family is; I'm newly single, so I found this amazing rental right there on the beach."

The home itself is stunning, but definitely isn't private. Within minutes of Bella and her mom showing up to tour the property, the WWE star is accosted by a number of fans wanting to take photos, say hello and otherwise interrupt her day with her mom.

"That's just the beginning Nicole," Colace tells her daughter after she agrees to take a photo with a beachgoer. "You know she's going to tell her friend, and another friend, and another friend and—"

While Bella begs her mom to let the issue go, she starts to dream up having a "massive block party" to let "people know that the Bellas are in town."

But Colace isn't so sure, and is even a little worried for her daughter's safety. "When they see you, and when [twin sister Brie Bella] shows up here, and [niece Birdie], and when you guys all have to go do your business and you're on the road," she explains. "It does worry me."

Bella has definitely been at a crossroads since calling off her relationship with Cena in April 2018 after experiencing cold feet when it came to spending the rest of her life with her longtime beau.

Earlier in the season, she shocked her family by admitting she was considering a move to Los Angeles as part of her efforts to start over.

"I really love the energy of Los Angeles. It just has this hustle vibe and I have to go there every week for work," she said of her desire to move. "It has this single life, very Sex and the City, like New York. So not only am I craving it, but I feel like I need it in my life."


Total Bellas airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on E!

Photo credit: E!