'Too Hot to Handle': Host Desiree Burch Teases Why Season 2's Cast Is Even Wilder (Exclusive)

Too Hot to Handle will return for Season 2 on Netflix on Wednesday, June 23. The first four episodes of the season will drop on that date, and the final six will premiere on June 30. In advance of the show's Season 2 premiere, PopCulture.com got to chat with the show's host, comedian Desiree Burch. Not only did she provide plenty of laughs, but she also teased what fans can expect from the cast of Netflix's hottest show.

Burch explained that when it comes to the Too Hot to Handle Season 2 cast, you can expect to see a mix of personalities from the U.S., U.K. and around the world. She also said that you can still expect some of the same shenanigans that you saw on Season 1, especially when it comes to breaking Lana's rules (Lana is the show's virtual assistant who tells the contestants when they've broken a rule i.e. when they have engaged in any form of sexual activity). However, Season 2 is going to take things to a whole new level, and it's partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It feels like because this was coming out of quarantine, everyone was even more just down to clown than they would be, like right off the bat," Burch said. "Everyone was so eager to be around people, and then they went through quarantine process, all of that other stuff. So, I think even more than the first series, if you can believe it, people are going to be having some amazing rule breaks that you're just like, 'How did this happen?'" The host also praised Too Hot to Handle's producers for elevating the show for Season 2, as she said that they had to do their best to keep the cast on their toes.

"It's basically everything that people thought in season one ratcheted up, partially because of COVID and people's eagerness to be together," she added. "And I think partially just because all the producers knew, 'People know the premise. So, how do we actually elevate it? How do we do this thing again only more and better? Because we can't do the same thing we did the first time. Everybody knows our tricks. How do we up the ante on our tricks?'" As for whether the producers managed to outdo themselves with Season 2, Burch noted, "They managed to pull it off."

While the season will surely be full of drama — and more than a few broken rules — the comedian did stress that she wants viewers to keep in mind that the cast members are just people at the end of the day. They may have signed up to take part in Netflix's dating experiment, but she said that there's really no way to fully prepare oneself for the wild journey to come.


"Even knowing that won't prepare you for the reality of it," Burch noted. "So, I just kind of feel like if they can get a fairish shake ... Yeah, we are still going to make fun of them when they do stuff that you're just like, 'That was a boneheaded thing to do.' At the same time, nobody should feel like they're left out in the cold in the end, because they're all people. We want to see them succeed. We want somebody to win this cash pot at the end of it, and we hope that some of these relationships make it."