These 2 'Masked Singer' Judges Actually Figured out Phoenix's Identity During First Guesses

The Masked Singer fans got to see the masked celebrities in Group B take to the stage on [...]

The Masked Singer fans got to see the masked celebrities in Group B take to the stage on Wednesday's episode. Group B includes Grandpa Monster, Piglet, Black Swan, Phoenix, and Chameleon. But, by the end of the episode, Phoenix was eliminated. As always, the judges — Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Robin Thicke — all shared their guesses behind Phoenix's identity shortly before she removed her mask and revealed that she was Caitlyn Jenner. Interestingly enough, both McCarthy and Jeong correctly guessed that it was Jenner before she revealed her identity.

Following every masked singer's initial performance, the judges write down their first impression guesses for the individual. Guest host Niecy Nash, who is filling in for Nick Cannon after he tested positive for COVID-19, said that McCarthy and Jeong initially guessed that the Phoenix was Jenner. McCarthy said that she would be sticking with her first impression guess as her final one for the Phoenix, while Jeong ended up changing his to RuPaul. Of course, as previously mentioned, at the end of the episode, Phoenix removed their mask, confirming McCarthy and Jeong's initial guesses to be correct.

When asked why she wanted to compete on The Masked Singer, Jenner said that she likes "challenges." She added, "I've raced cars. I fly airplanes.... You can only work on the golf game for so long." The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum also explained that her famous kids wouldn't be surprised to see her on the Fox program. Jenner continued, "They've always known dad's a little crazy, they'll try anything. Life's short. You've gotta enjoy it." Following her elimination, she further opened up about her kids' reactions to her appearance on The Masked Singer.

"I'm excited for my family to see this. I had to keep this a big secret, but of course [my son] Brandon [Jenner] knew because he was helping," Jenner told Us Weekly about her tenure on The Masked Singer. "Kendall and Kylie, when I told them I was doing The Masked Singer, they gave me this strange look and said 'Dad, why are you doing this?' I told them, 'I need a challenge! I've just been sitting around, I want to do this.' They said, 'You are crazy.' I'm interested for Kendall and Kylie and the rest of my family to see it."