'The Voice': Travis Tritt Performs Following Fatal Tour Bus Accident

Country legend Travis Tritt took to The Voice stage Tuesday night, just a few days after his tour bus was involved in a fatal accident.

Tritt appeared on the show to sing "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" with finalist Andrew Sevener.

Other stars who appeared in the finale for duets were Sarah McLachlan, who sang "Angel" with Maelyn Jarmon; Toby Kieth, who performed "That's Country Bro" with Dexter Roberts; and Hootie & The Blowfish, who performed "Hold My Hand" with Gyth Rigdon.

Tritt's accident happened while the "Help Me Hold On" singer was traveling through South Carolina later Friday night into Saturday morning. A Jeep was heading the wrong direction on a highway, and hit another vehicle. Tritt's tour bus driver swerved out of the way to avoid the accident, but was sideswiped by another passing vehicle.

While Tritt and no one on his bus were injured, the driver of the Jeep and the passenger in the other vehicle were killed.

"We were just involved in a fatal accident with a driver going the wrong way on Veteran's Highway as we were leaving Myrtle Beach," Tritt explained in a series of tweets. "Thank God we are all okay. I feel so bad for those who died needlessly tonight. I'm really shaken up by what I witnessed. God bless those who died."

As authorities believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, Tritt spoke out against drunk driving in another of his tweets.

"I'm told that two people were killed in tonight's accident as the the result of someone who was obviously driving drunk or impaired. Just a sober reminder to everyone to never drive if you've been drinking or impaired in any way," he wrote.

"Uber or Lyft is just a phone call away," he continued. "I beg everyone to please, please, please drive sober. Know when to admit that you are too impaired to drive... It could've been so much worse. God was obviously watching over us tonight. I praise God for keeping us safe!"

Despite the accident, Tritt made his show in Hiawassee, Georgia on Saturday.


Tritt is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and a two-time Grammy Award winner for his 1992 duet "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'" with Marty Stuart. His other hits include "Anymore," "Foolish Pride," "Best of Intentions" and "Can I Trust You With My Heart."

The Voice will be back in the fall.