'The Voice' Fans Are Weighing in on Season 17's Winner

The Voice crowned country singer Jake Hoot the champion of Season 17 Tuesday night, giving coach Kelly Clarkson her third win overall. While plenty of fans were overjoyed at the news, others who were rooting for Ricky Duran (Team Blake Shelton), Katie Kadan (Team John Legend) and Rose Short (Team Gwen Stefani) were sad to see their favorite finalists miss out on the top prize.

Nonetheless, they all took to Twitter to either celebrate or complain about who won the title.

"Congratulations [Jake Hoot]!!!" one fan wrote, tagging the singer, while another chimed in with a "HOOOOOOOOOT."

"Not surprised that Katie didn’t win. America doesn’t like different. They like their carbon copy, unoriginal country singers, as you can tell by the current winner and the majority of past winners," one irritated fan wrote.

"You mean to tell me i waited 2 hours to find out Katie came in 3rd?!" another tweeted alongside a GIF of an irate Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

"Katie and Rose got robbed," someone else said.

"Hello, police? Yes, I would like to report a robbery!" one user said.

"Katie and Rose were robbed because they don't fit the 'mold' for superstars today. Society doesn't like plus size women. I said what I said," someone wrote.

"America hates talented and qualified women," one person tweeted.

"Jake Hoot winning the voice what a joke America. Y'all are some clowns," another said.

Hoot himself, a frontrunner from the start of the season, was humbled by the coaches and audiences' response to his talent. "The biggest thing is to have more confidence in myself," he told PEOPLE of what he learned from Clarkson. "She's such a builder of your confidence and she's always telling us that we deserve to be here, so we should own it."

"Having more confidence in myself is really special," he added. "She's been incredible."

If Duran, Kadan and Short had any hard feelings about the ordeal, they didn't show it. Duran told the publication he's going to miss working with Shelton. "Working with Blake has been amazing," he said. "He's such a fun guy to hang out with. Hopefully we can get together in the future sometime, but I'm gonna miss that."

"It feels fantastic," Kadan, of Team John Legend, told the outlet after her performance. "I feel so grateful and part of me says, 'Katie, you did it. You did it. Stop doubting yourself. Stop being so fearful.'"

Short, of team Gwen Stefani, said she was proud to make it to the finale. "I feel accomplished. I feel like I've done a thing. I feel like a brand new person. I feel beautiful," she said. "I feel fearless. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. I feel grateful that my heavenly father gave me permission to go on this journey."


The Voice will return for Season 18 with Nick Jonas as a new coach, replacing Stefani.

Photo credit: Tyler Golden/NBC