'The Masked Singer': Sir Bug a Boo Is an '80s Music Legend

Even though we're well past Halloween, The Masked Singer's delivered a spooky episode just ahead of Thanksgiving. "Fright Night" saw some creepy competitors get unmasked, namely Scarecrow and Sir Bug a Boo. The latter singer was unmasked at the end of the broadcast, and it turned out to be a singer behind one of the '80s' most iconic songs. (if you weren't already watching via FuboTV or another live service). Spoilers ahead! 

Despite his best efforts, the creepy-crawly vocalist couldn't take down Snowstorm and was eliminated. When Sir Bug a Boo took off his mask, he was revealed to be Ray Parker Jr. Parker is an accomplished musician and songwriter, working with Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and many others. However, he's best known for "Ghostbusters," the 1984 theme song for the movie of the same name.

As far as the judges' guesses, no one was right. Jenny McCarthy came the closest, deducing the clues were Ghostbusters-related. However, she opted to guess Ernie Hudson instead of Parker. Nicole Scherzinger chose Randy Jackson, Robin Thicke guessed Keenen Ivory Wayans, and Ken Jeong thought it could have been Jordan Peele.

Parker's reveal follows Linda Blair, who was shown to be under the Scarecrow mask. Previously revealed celebrities for Season 8 are: Adam Carolla (Avocado), Chris Jericho (Bride), George Clinton (Gopher), George Foreman (Venus Fly Trap), Le'Veon Bell (Milkshake), Joey Lawrence (Walrus), Kat Graham (Robo Girl), Jerry Springer (Beetle), Gloria Gaynor (Mermaid), Mario Cantone (Maize), Daymond John (Fortune Teller), the Brady Bunch sons (Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams and Christopher Knight as the Mummies), Montell Jordan (Panther), Jeff Dunham (Pi-Rat), Chris Kirkpatrick (Hummingbird), Eric Idle (Hedgehog) and William Shatner (Knight).

How to Watch

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. If you don't have a traditional cable package, FuboTV allows you to watch The Masked Singer live (there's even a free trial available). Additionally, all episodes of The Masked Singer are available on Hulu the following day.