'The Masked Singer' Season 5': Where Is Nick Cannon This Week?

If you're an unwavering fan of The Masked Singer, you might be questioning where longtime host Nick Cannon is. Cannon has been forced to miss the Fox series's last several tapings after he tested positive for COVID-19. The show tapped Niecy Nash, who previously served as a guest judge on the panel, to take over for him for the time being. Cannon will reportedly be back at some point later on this season.

Wednesday's episode will, once again, feature Nash as the host. Group B will return for this installment. Group B includes Black Swan, Piglet, Chameleon and Crab. The show will also feature yet another Wildcard contestant who will positively rough things up as they strive to win a secure spot in Group B.

Still, Cannon will not be a part of this new episode. In early February, it was reported that he tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, he would not film the first few episodes of Season 5 of The Masked Singer. At the time, Cannon's representative confirmed his diagnosis and noted that he was in quarantine while recovering. Ahead of the Season 5 premiere, The Masked Singer producers revealed during the Television Critics Association virtual press tour that Cannon would be back on the show at some point later on in the season. However, they did not specify exactly when fans can expect to see Cannon back at the helm.

"Nick rejoins towards the second half of the season," James Breen, The Masked Singer's executive producer, said, per Entertainment Tonight. "I won't be too specific about how many shows, but Niecy kicks things off." Breen thanked Nash for joining the series as the guest host, particularly as they needed to make these casting changes late in the game. He added, "We got incredibly lucky there because Niecy just stepped in pretty last minute. And immediately had her own chemistry with the panel. She was just a producers' dream. Absolutely fantastic."

Nash has also spoken out about appearing on The Masked Singer to ET. She told the publication that everyone who works on the Fox series made her feel welcome when she stepped into Cannon's shoes for hosting duties. The producers even got her a wonderful surprise that left her more than a bit emotional. Nash told ET, "I was honored to stand in the gap and just be a tiny placeholder for him, for his franchise and his series. It was a great job." The Claws actor continued to say that the producers surprised her with a video message from her wife, Jessica Betts, to make her feel more welcome. She added about the kind gesture, "I wanted to cry my fake eyelashes off. I was like, 'Oh my God, that was so sweet!'"