'The Masked Singer' Season 5: Who Is the Raccoon? Clues, Guesses and Performances

This week's episode of The Masked Singer found 'the Racoon' feeling hot with a rendition of 'Ring [...]

This week's episode of The Masked Singer found "the Racoon" feeling hot with a rendition of "Ring of Fire." Raccoon is among the five performers in Group A, which also includes Porcupine, Russian Doll, Seashell and Snail. The costume itself leans into a cowboy theme, leading to a fun twist on what fans typically expect from a costume on The Masked Singer. For those interested in tuning in live to see Raccoon each week, FuboTV, currently has a free trial offer going on.

The PopCulture.com team will break down each one of Raccoon's performance on The Masked Singer's Porcupine, as well as all the clues shown to viewers each week. Judges' predictions and guesses will also come into play, no matter how spot-on or far-out. Scroll down to see what we know about Raccoon. Needless to say, spoilers lie ahead.

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Season 5, Episode 3

This week, the Raccoon revealed that he began his career as "a fighter," who got his start boxing with his family and training with his family. He said that he got his "big break" by training a famous Hollywood star, then stumbled into Hollywood himself. "I have no business being a Hollywood star -- but hey, no one's stopping me!" he said.

After the Raccoon finished performing "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, he finished his performance on one knee, bringing his flirtation with Jenny McCarthy to a new level. He then unveiled his self-portrait -- a cartoonish raccoon surrounded by bats and a crescent moon. Curiously, the Raccoon did not get an addendum from Cluedle-Doo this week.

The panelists' guesses were based mostly on Raccoon's raspy voices. Robin Thicke guessed Tony Danza, while McCarthy went with Jon Voight. Neither seemed to resonate with the crowd, though guest-panelist Joel McHale's jokes did.

Season 5 Premiere — "Return Of The Masks"

The Raccoon made a raucous entrance, then melodramatically explained that he had to "go through hell" to get his happy ending. This was accompanied by a scene of the Raccoon in a jail cell, while he compared himself to the "Hunchback of Notre Dame." He said: "I was Quasimodo, locked away. The only difference was, he was innocent, and I was actually a monster. I promised God that if I got a second chance at life, I'd only do good. And I'm still fulfilling that promise to this day."

Raccoon gave a grave performance of "Wild Thing" by The Troggs. Afterwards, he told the panelists: "This is the most fun I've ever had in my life! I could actually be a raccoon!" Finally, the extra clue from Cluedle-Doo was: "Raccoon is known for being sharp."

The panelists were shocked by their voice, believing they should recognize someone who sounds so distinct. However, when it came time for concrete guesses they were at a bit of a loss. Host Niecy Nash said she's "got nothing," while Scherzinger's best guess was Gary Busey. McCarthy agreed that they were most likely an older performer, but had no guess of her own. Jeong was the only one who felt confident in his guess: Mike Tyson, based on his experience with Tyson on The Hangover set. Finally, Thicke guessed that it might be Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito.

Who is Raccoon? There's no telling! The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. As noted, FuboTV streams it live each week, and there is a free trial offer. Hulu also showcases each installment the day after it premieres, but be wary of online spoilers if you wait to watch. PopCulture.com will cover all episodes of The Masked Singer Season 5, keep it locked here for more insights!

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