'The Masked Singer' Producer Teases Season 2 Contestants

Now that season 1 of The Masked Singer has come to a close, crowning the Monster — also known as rapper and previously overlooked singer T-Pain — as its winner, fans are looking forward to season 2 and what kind of characters and celebrities it may bring.

Executive producer Craig Plestis gave a few hints about what to expect from Season 2 of The Masked Singer, telling The Hollywood Reporter that as long as viewers at home are surprised by who's under the mask, the show is doing its job.

"What we're looking at for season two and for future casting is just the idea of for America to be surprised when that mask comes off. We really want to make that a great, almost shocking moment and an unpredictable moment," Plestis told THR.

"It's not so much about is it Brad Pitt underneath the mask or the level of A-list celebrity versus another level. It's more about, 'Oh my gosh! I didn't know they could sing,' or if they were a professional singer; 'I didn't know they could sing that type of music,'" he continued. "I really want to have the idea of the unexpected to happen when that mask comes off. If we can surprise people, we've done our jobs as producers.'

As far as finding an A-listers to bring on, Plestis said, "I think we can do that," citing high demand from "all different kinds of celebrities who want to be involved" due to the success of season 1.

"We're lucky because with the success of our show, we've been getting lots of responses from all different kinds of celebrities who want to be involved in it. So as much as it was difficult first season, it's slightly easier now for the second season," he said.

"We'll pick that right combination of different celebrities to go underneath the mask. We're open to every level. As long as they're passionate, they want to do it. They're going to have to wear these heavy outfits and for X-number of weeks and it give it their all."

While Plestis wouldn't get specific, he did tease that the show does have a few big stars in mind that it's going after. "There are big and unexpected name that we are talking to at this stage," he said.

He also wants fans to think outside the box next season when guessing who is inside the costumes. "The unexpected name who might be somebody from politics, who might be from another field that you would normally not consider a singer, who will take off the mask and you'd be completely surprised," he said. "To somebody who possibly could be in the show, but you couldn't know it was them because they just sang so differently."

Plestis said that it depends on FOX when Season 2 will air — although episodes will most likely be pre-taped again, rather than a live format that some fans have been requesting.


"There's [a lot of] stuff going on editing-wise, so I think we'll probably still be a taped show, just hopefully add a little bit more security. But that's still yet to be determined 100 percent," he explained.

The Masked Singer was renewed for a second season, although FOX has not yet announced when it will air.