'The Masked Singer' Adds 3 Guest Judges to Season 3 Lineup

The Masked Singer has become a popular singing competition for fans to enjoy during their work week and because of its rising popularity, viewers are seeing more famous faces join the judges panel. Along with the show's regular lineup, which include, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger, famous faces like T-Pain, Gabriel Inglesias and Will Arnett will all be joining as guest judges, according to Entertainment Weekly.

On the first night of Season 3, Jamie Foxx served as a guest after fans thought he might be the face under the Fox mask. Turns out, it was Wayne Brady instead who took home the trophy for winning the entire competition.

Joel McHale will also return. So far, he's the only guest judge to have appeared on the show as many times as he has. He's not only been on every season but even appeared twice in Season 1, then two more times in Season 2. This season, Jeong even took a wild guess and said that McHale might be under the Llama mask, but it turns out it was Drew Carey behind the hilarious costume.

As for T-Pain, the rapper won as the Monster in Season 1 and returned as a guest in Season 2 and is anticipated to re-join the judges panel again in Season 3. So far, Jamie Foxx and Jason Biggs have graced everyone with their presence during the show's current season, while Leah Remini will step in next for Wednesday's Valentine's Day-themed episode. Fans can expect to see each contestant bring out one clue to the panelists in a from of a handmade Valentine.

So far, two celebrities have been unmasked. Rapper Lil Wayne was the voice behind the Robot, and Carey was behind the Llama costume. Because of the competitions popularity, this season is different than the last two having now 18 contestants on. During a conversation with Variety, Craig Plestis — who developed the series for U.S. audiences — revealed that the show will start with 18 contestants after only featuring 12 in Season 1 and 16 in Season 2.

The singers have been split up between three different groups. Each group will whittle down to three celebrities before then moving on to the second and third groups. Eventually, all three groups will be merged into a Top 9, and those singers will go on to complete against one another.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox.


Photo credit: Fox/Getty.