'The Challenge' Finalist Arrested on Multiple Charges

Robin Hibbard, formerly of MTV's The Challenge and The Real World, is in jail after getting arrested on Aug. 2 near Tampa, Florida. Fans may remember Hibbard from The Real World: San Diego, which aired in 2004. She was arrested for resisting arrest (without violence) and providing a false name to law enforcement. The Ashley reports that Hibbard now has a public defender to help her case. Her jail intake form lists her as "unemployed" and gives her address as "homeless."

It was previously reported that Hibbard was homeless and living near the area. During an appearance on Johnny Bananas' podcast in January, her ex-boyfriend Mark Long opened up about her post-reality TV struggles, noting that she deals with drug abuse. "I wanna say this because it's sad, I've been getting a lot of messages about Robin, and I wanted to speak on that a little bit," Long said. The two began dating in 2004's Battle of the Sexes II and split, but they partnered on 2012's Battle of the Exes. "She's in a bad place; I think the addiction has really taken a hold of her in a terrible way. I know a lot of people have tried to reach out, including her parents and her husband.

He added that the nine-time Challenge star has had trouble getting sober. "I hope someone can get to her and convince her to get help. I know deep down she probably wants it, but it breaks my heart knowing that she's in such a bad place," he said.

She was arrested in April 2022 for domestic violence against a family member. The family member was later granted a temporary injunction against her.

Her family alleged that she jumped the gate and let herself into their property, where she was seen allegedly injecting herself with drugs. "[We] watched her inject something in her arm with a needle. She was told multiple times to leave and not use drugs on our property, but did not leave and threatened us repeatedly," the family member wrote in the order of protection request. "Finally she became irate on 3/31/2022 and caused such a loud commotion on the carport and front yard screaming loudly and destroying [land]scaping that the neighbors called the police.

They also added that she suffers from mental illness and has not been taking her medication. She's also reportedly behaved similarly to her family before, even stealing money from them.