'The Bachelorette' Star Katie Thurston Thwarts Critics of Her Lingerie Photoshoot at Every Turn

Bachelorette Katie Thurston spent some time this week fighting off trolls underneath her latest sexy Instagram post, showing the Season 17 star posing flirtatiously while wearing a racy black lace lingerie set. Some of her followers weren't too happy to see more of Thurston's skin on their social feeds. "Sexy but I just feel this isn't you," one of her followers wrote under the post. "Would you feel better if this was a bikini and I was laying in sand? Because it's no different," Thurston quickly clapped back.

After taking some heat from other Thurston fans in the comments, the same Instagram user posted another message trying to defend themselves. "I'm not saying anything not nice! I think [Katie Thurston] is amazing. As a bachelorette I really do!!! All I'm saying is I don't feel this picture is her personally. Not sure why I'm getting so much hate for it.. I don't dislike the picture nor do I dislike Katie. I just don't feel like it's 100 [100 emoji] her.. that's all!" they wrote.

Some of Thurston's other followers used the post as an opportunity to throw some shade toward her. "Someone did not find a husband," a user wrote. Thurston quipped back: "Correct. There typically isn't a wedding at the end." In an unexpected move, the user responded with praise having been recognized by the star. "Yaaaaaaaas queen you're the only Bachelorette I cared to watch. Love you even when I get burned on social! I'm fist pumping for this response by you!!"

The new photo has served as inspiration for some of her other fans now that she's shared the story behind some of her scars. Thurston recently posted a photo highlighting a scar on one of her breasts. "It's from a lumpectomy after finding a lump in my breast. Because I was only 20, I discovered this on my own. Typically women don't get routine mammograms until their 40s, so it's important to be your biggest advocate when it comes to your personal health," she wrote.


"The best part of this photo is how you make your scar look SEXY. It makes me feel less insecure about my scars. Thank you for your authenticity, [Katie Thurston]," someone wrote. Thurston responded with a message of support."Scars are proof that we went through some s--t. Wear it like a badge of honor," she said.