'The Bachelorette' Season Premiere Date Revealed in First Teaser Featuring Hannah B.

The Bachelorette is currently in the midst of filming its upcoming season, and the show has [...]

The Bachelorette is currently in the midst of filming its upcoming season, and the show has officially announced the premiere date for the next batch of episodes.

On Friday, April 5, the show unveiled a teaser for Hannah Brown's season of the show, revealing that the season will begin airing on May 13.

The clip finds Brown, a former Miss Alabama USA, striding through a forest wearing a light blue gown, a crown and a sash that reads "Beauty Queen." As she walks, she discards her crown, sash and skirt as red roses bloom behind her, with the video ultimately ending with the 24-year-old gazing at the camera in an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit.

The trailer clearly wants to cast aside Brown's previous stereotype as a Southern pageant queen, with text appearing on screen that reads "Think you know her? Think again."

The clip is soundtracked by Grace's cover of "You Don't Own Me," further enforcing the female empowerment vibe of the promo.

"She's here to find fierce love," the caption read. "Hannah's journey as #TheBachelorette begins May 13 on ABC!"

Brown first appeared on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, which aired earlier this year. She finished in fifth place and was announced as The Bachelorette at the conclusion of the season.

"I didn't end up with Colton, but I ended up loving myself more," Brown told PEOPLE of her time on the show. "I came into that show as someone who wasn't as open as I am now. I was terrified to be my true self because I felt that it wasn't enough. But I allowed myself to break down those walls."

The reality star added to Glamour that her experience on The Bachelor allowed her to fully embrace being herself, a concept that had been scary to her prior to the show.

"If you don't know you, how can you bring that into a relationship?" she queried. "I came in to The Bachelor not ready to be me, and I ended up embracing me. Now I want to continue knowing every part of me and being able to be like, This is me, take it or leave it. If you're going to leave it, you weren't good enough or didn't deserve it anyway. That's how any woman should feel. Any man, too. You should be chosen, and you should choose them back every single day. Just getting to that place of self-worth is really important to me."

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 13 on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC