'The Bachelor' Fans Think Matt James Is Dating This Alum Post-Show

The Bachelor hasn't even aired its finale yet, but fans are already speculating about Matt James' love life post-show. According to Cosmopolitan, there has been speculation that James is dating an individual who appeared on Season 25 — Heather Martin, who previously appeared as a contestant on Season 23 of The Bachelor. Martin briefly made an appearance this season, arriving at the mansion weeks into filming. She was subsequently sent home the same night that she arrived by James.

Cosmopolitan that the dating speculation concerning James and Martin began after the Women Tell Special aired on March 1. Martin did take part in filming the special, but viewers were quick to point out that she was seemingly cut out of the episode. Some fans believe that she was cut from the special because she is currently dating James. Additionally, a user on TikTok shared their own theory as to why James and Martin might be dating. The lead recently shared a photo to his Instagram Story in which he tagged the location with "San Clemente, California." They went on to note that Martin also took to her Instagram Story recently to post a video and that she tagged the clip with the same location. The fan pointed out that this was an interesting coincidence especially considering that James resides in New York City. However, it should still be noted that this is simply speculation as neither James nor Martin have addressed these rumors.

While Martin hasn't addressed any of these dating rumors, she did respond to a fan who asked her why she was mysteriously absent from the Women Tell All special. A fan asked her directly whether she was in attendance for the filming of the episode. To address the question, she posted a video of herself turning around in her seat on her Instagram Story. In the clip, Martin paused on a still from the Women Tell All episode that featured the back of a blonde woman's head, meaning that she was indeed the individual who was seated amongst the other Season 25 contestants despite the fact that The Bachelor did not showcase her.

Martin made a surprise appearance midway through The Bachelor's current season. She arrived at the Pennsylvania-based mansion in a minivan in order to meet James. She explained that her good friend, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, suggested that she and James would be perfect for one another (Brown is an acquaintance of James', being that she formerly dated his best friend, Tyler Cameron, on her season of The Bachelorette). However, James sent her home shortly after her arrival, as he said that it was too late in the filming process for her to join the show.