'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Learns the Secret Past Between Hannah B. and Caelynn

Bachelor contestants Hannah B. and Caelynn may have competed for Miss USA side-by-side as friends, but now that they're competing for Colton Underwood's heart, things are definitely more tense.

During Monday's all-new episode of the ABC reality show, the former pageant queens finally let the man they were both dating know their sordid past after Caelynn's prowess as a pirate during the week's first group date left Hannah B. feeling jilted and jealous.

After Caelynn "saved" Colton from the Pirate's Dinner Adventure date, rescuing Colton with a flair for the dramatic and ability to take on the other women in a pirate challenge, the two had a private moment together, in which Colton admitted that she was already "a lot of the things I'm looking for."

Hannah, meanwhile, was fuming on the sidelines, accusing Caelynn of putting on a front when it comes to her relationship with the former NFL player.

"It is hard to see him have a connection with her, because I know her, I'm like befuddled," Hannah told the cameras. "I don't think she's showing her true self and every side of her. That's why I'm like so shook. So he needs to know the truth."

Approaching Colton, she cryptically described a "hostile" fall-out between herself and Caelynn during their time at Miss USA as roommates, but not going into much other detail.

"It's hard, because it's like, if that's what your want, then you don't want me," Hannah told a confused Colton.

"You feel like if I have feelings for her at all, I can't have feelings for you, because you guys are that different?" he asked, confused, before telling her he needed time alone to "figure this thing out."

Walking away, Hannah had a sense her big confrontation hadn't gone well, saying to herself, "He friggen hates me."

Colton then pulled a nervous Caelynn aside, telling her he was "confused and frustrated" over the conversation he had had with her former roommate.

On Caelynn's side of the chasm, she explained, "We were friends, and we were in a competitive environment at Miss USA, and we handle competition very differently."

She then alluded to "traumatic experiences" in her life that could possibly be involved in the women's feud, but said she wasn't ready to share them with Colton so early on in their relationship.

With Colton then awarding Caelynn the night's group date rose, it appears that Hannah's plan to throw her former friend under the bus failed. Neither woman was ready to give up just yet, however, with both bringing up the issue again at the pool party that preceded the night's rose ceremony.

Caelynn claimed to Colton that after she was crowned first runner-up in Miss USA and Hannah didn't place, her former friend began to utilize "manipulation" and "deceitfulness."

Hannah, meanwhile, called those allegations "lies that aren't true," telling Colton that Caelynn was the one who was "fake."

In the end, Colton was so "frustrated" that host Chris Harrison stepped in to give him advice, telling him to follow his heart and what he felt was right when it came down to it—which for Colton meant giving both ladies roses and vowing to figure out the drama later. But will he be able to come between these feuding pageant queens?


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC/Rick Rowell