'The Bachelor' Alum Matt James Addresses Possible Rachael Kirkconnell Engagement (Exclusive)

Matt James, the lead on the 25th season of The Bachelor, is releasing his debut book, First Impressions, on May 3. The title calls back to his time on the show, which culminated in a relationship with his now-girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell. While James and Kirkconnell had a rocky start to their relationship due to a scandal, they're in a great place today. In fact, while chatting with PopCulture.com to promote his new book, James shared where their relationship currently stands and whether they have any plans to head down the aisle anytime soon. 

James and Kirkconnell met during the 25th season of The Bachelor. By the end of the season, James offered her the final rose, which she readily accepted. However, during the After the Final Rose special, it was revealed that the couple had parted ways amid a scandal stemming from Kirkconnell's past (she subsequently released an apology after photos emerged of her attending an antebellum plantation-themed ball). Shortly thereafter, the pair reunited and they've been going strong ever since. As for how they're doing today, James stated that their relationship is "going well." 

He continued to say that he believes that they're in such a good place because their relationship isn't under the Bachelor Nation microscope, saying, "I think it's in part because we're so open and honest and we spend so much time together. And we live our relationship outside of the expectations that are set on people in The Bachelor world." The reality star continued to say that they try not to focus on what anyone else has to say about their relationship. Instead, they put each other first.

"We just care about each other and checking in with each other and making sure that everything we're doing is in line with being good people, and growth," James said. "And when that's our focus, we have a good time. It's like everything that you want in a partner — someone that you can talk to, trust, count on, dependable. It's nice. So, I have no complaints." Considering that things are going extremely well for the pair, could an engagement be on the horizon? According to James, it's definitely something that he envisions happening down the line. 

"I can't predict the future, but I know that we're trending in that direction," he said. "I wouldn't be with someone that I wouldn't consider marrying at this point in my life. It's exciting."