'Temptation Island': Kaci Campbell Talks Evan Smith's 'True Colors,' Her Feelings for Val Osipov

Kaci Campbell's time on Temptation Island may have left her totally heartbroken, but she came out stronger than ever.

Ahead of Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA reality series, Kaci reflected on her experience on Temptation Island with PopCulture.com, and how one of the most difficult times in her life led to her "legitimately thriving" as a single.

Watching Evan give into temptation with single Morgan Lolar and decide to throw away their relationship of 10 years play out six months later on national television has been "surreal" to say the least, Kaci told PopCulture.

"It's literally my most vulnerable moment in my relationship for the world to dissect," she confesses. "So that's bizarre."

Seeing herself on screen "dark, depressed and anxiety-ridden" with heartbreak has actually been more difficult.

"Just to see how much pain I truly was in was eye-opening, to say the least," Kaci says.

Heading into the final bonfire, where she would confront Evan for the first time since he decided to begin calling Morgan his girlfriend, Kaci says she was feeling confident about breaking up with him on national TV coming off of her 24-hour date with Val.

Going in, Kaci and Evan promised not to make any decisions about their relationship until they had time to discuss things at home, but the way things went with Evan and Morgan definitely had her reconsidering.

Despite the feelings of strength she gleaned from her time with Val, Kaci said she went from being sure of herself to "panic mode" during the time before filming their confrontation.

The reality personality made it clear that she doesn't hold any ill will for Morgan, even during the time on Temptation Island, saying she seems like a "good girl" who didn't know what she was getting into with Evan.

"I was her for many, many years," Kaci confesses. "Knowing that she doesn't know Evan's true character ... I wouldn't wish what I've gone through with Evan on anyone."

While she can't spoil how her final bonfire plays out, Kaci reveals that upon returning home, her friends and family were "very open" about not wanting her to return with Evan, whom they say "sucks the life" out of her and has "never treated [her] right."

"It was shocking and devastating, but at the same time, it's such a blessing to see his true colors and what he's capable of," Kaci tells PopCulture.

Looking back on her time, Kaci says she wishes she could have explored her feelings for Val more than she did while trying to stay loyal to Evan.

"I went out of my way to avoid Val, because I didn't want to be tempted," she admits, adding that her first conversation with him, "I had butterflies—like butterflies—I hadn't had in a long time. ... I do wish I went all-in with Val to be honest."

Is there a future for these two outside of Temptation Island?


Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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