'Teen Mom OG' Star Amber Portwood Wants to Quit the MTV Series

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood told fans on Twitter Monday night that she wants to quit the MTV series.

"I can't do this anymore," Portwood tweeted Monday, hours before the new episode of Teen Mom OG began. "I have to quit this show."

She told one fan the show has put her through too much heartache.

"The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore. If I will not be shown then there's nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore," she wrote. "I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they've made off of heartache and pain that I've endured."

One fan told her she should continue doing it so she can still earn money from it. However, the 28-year-old Portwood said she has other things she wants to do with her life.

"No there's other things that I will do and it will be to help people like I've always only wanted to do," she wrote.

Before telling fans she wanted to quit, she also said she did not love people who don't love her back. "f you don't have love for me then it's mutual!!! Point blank. If you do have love for me then it's mutual!!! #sendlovenothate," she wrote.

When a fan told her she "always sounds so angry," Portwood said she is "always positive."

Portwood has two children - Leah, 9, from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley; and James, her 5-month-old son with Andrew Glennon. Portwood also suffered a miscarriage during her relationship with ex-fiancé Matt Beier.

In a recent Teen Mom OG episode, Portwood opened up about her drinking when her brother Shawn Portwood Jr. visited her home. She told Shawn she went through a phase of drinking frequently with Glennon before they discovered she was pregnant.

"When I met [Andrew] he was sober and stuff, but he was drinking with me. And we were doing that s— together, for a few months," Portwood told Shawn. "Then I find out I'm pregnant and it's like, I just had to stop immediately. And then, I think a couple months after, he completely quit drinking, and stuff like that."

Portwood also faced drama after a Teen Mom OG scene showed her parasailing with Leah while Shirley and his wife Kristina watched her newborn son. Portwood lashed out at fans, who she accused of trying to create a "rift" in the family. Shirley quickly came to Portwood's defense on Twitter.

"Every parent deserves a break," Shirley wrote. "[Kristina] offered [to] watch James [to] give [Portwood] some much deserved rest. That's perfectly fine. We don't have a whole lot of people to lean on so we have each other we do our best for [Leah], Emilee, [and] James. We are a unique family."


New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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