'Teen Mom OG' Star Amber Portwood Gives Emotional Dr. Drew Interview Amid Domestic Abuse Case

The Teen Mom OG Season 8 reunion trailer gives fans a first look at Amber Portwood's emotional conversation with Dr. Drew following her domestic violence arrest. The teaser for the upcoming reunion special showed a blink-and-you'll-it glimpse at the reality star sitting down for her first on-camera interview after she was arrested in July for allegedly threatening her estranged boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete while he held their baby son, James.

The reunion was taped in New York City shortly after Portwood's arrest so she was unable to attend. Her appearance on the trailer seemingly confirms she will still be featured on the episode, and break her silence on her recent family and legal struggles.

Take a look at the video, shared by OK! Magazine, here.

Monday's season finale revealed Portwood's 10-year-old daughter Leah's heartbreaking reaction to the arrest, as the difficult chapter was addressed on the series.

"He'll joke when it's not time to joke," Portwood said shortly before the arrest on Monday's episode. "I just think that when he jokes when we're talking about things that bother me, that bothers me. I know it's hard for people to understand."

The show then documented the incident with Glennon's 911 call after sending text messages to emergency services asking for help. Portwood's ex-husband Gary Shirley later discussed what happened with wife Kristina, recalling how Leah took the news of the incident.

"I wish we could just wake up and say it was a dream," Kristina said.

Gary said during the episode that while Leah wasn't in the house when the incident between Portwood and Glennon occurred, he was upset at his ex for the complicated situation.

"This has an impact on all of us. She didn't just affect her own self and her own family. It trickles down to us, too," he said.

“Ultimately, Leah is almost 11. She knows a lot of what’s going on,” she revealed. “I think the only thing she’s said to me is, ‘If Mommy goes back to prison, what happens to James? Will James be taken away from me as well?’ I don’t have those answers," Kristina said while discussing how Leah was feeling after the arrest.


Portwood has stayed relatively quiet about the arrest, posting cryptic messages on her social media that seem to point toward the incident. She recently revealed she has not stopped thinking about her kids since she was arrested.

The Teen Mom OG reunion special airs Monday, Sept. 2 on MTV.