Ryan Edwards' Wife Fears His Heroin Relapse on 'Teen Mom OG'

Mackenzie Standifer is fearing the worst for husband Ryan Edwards.

The Teen Mom OG cast member recently completed 21 days of a 30-day rehab program, admitting he was addicted to heroin and other drugs after passing out behind the wheel of a car on the way to his wedding.

Since then, Edwards has claimed he is clean, despite ex Maci Bookout's hesitance to let him see their 8-year-old son, Bentley, without passing a drug test first.

But Bookout isn't the only one fearing Edwards may not be clean for long. After the two fought in Monday's episode of the MTV reality show, Standifer revealed to a friend that her husband has been "super short-tempered."

"You can be angry, but you can't talk to me like that," she said. "This is hard for me too. I knew it would be hard, but I didn't know it would be like this. It's stress all the time. I'm so exhausted. I'm sad and depressed and angry."

"When Ryan was in rehab it was easy," she continued. "I knew he couldn't get anything. He was safe. When we came home life punched us in the face. If he wanted it he could go get it. It's scary."

But when the two go out to dinner, the 30-year-old said he was grateful to be clean.

"It's disgusting I let myself go like that," he told his wife. "It's just pathetic. I'm so glad I listened to you and got help. You've been very, very understanding. I couldn't have done this without you. Is there anything I could do to help you through this?"

Standifer immediately broke down, saying she "lost" herself to be strong for him and their family.

"I appreciate that," he said. "You don't have to walk on eggshells to worry about me. Just because we have a fight doesn't mean I'm going to do something crazy or stupid. I don't want to be selfish."

After Edwards completed rehab, he revealed that he was lying to his wife regularly to support his habits.

"I mean nobody wants to tell someone that," he tells her. "I mean you have not a clue, and every morning I had to tell you I was going somewhere and 90 percent of the time it wasn't the truth."

The reality TV personality's habit was costing their family financially as well, with Standifer revealing earlier this season that he spent about $10,000 on drugs a week.


"I think any worse [drug use] would have been, you know, the grave," she told a friend.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.