'Teen Mom OG': Cory Wharton Previews the Moment He Told Cheyenne Floyd About Taylor Selfridge's Pregnancy (Exclusive)

Teen Mom OG is set to return on Tuesday, and with it comes plenty of life updates for the cast. In [...]

Teen Mom OG is set to return on Tuesday, and with it comes plenty of life updates for the cast. In particular, there are big changes ahead for Cory Wharton, who is set to welcome a daughter with his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge. In a sneak peek of the new season, Wharton can be seen telling his ex and the mother of his daughter Ryder, Cheyenne Floyd, about Selfridge's pregnancy. And now, in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Wharton has described exactly what it felt like to tell Floyd about the couple's baby news.

"Obviously I was nervous," Wharton told PopCulture.com about the moment. "That's not like the ideal situation, but it just is what it is. You'll see if you watch the season, how nervous and how I felt about that." The reality star isn't sure just how much of his journey with Selfridge will be shown on the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, but he did mention that a big part of his story will be focused on the fact that he's going to be a father for the second time.

In advance of his little one's arrival, Wharton, who will also appear on The Challenge: Total Madness, said that he and Selfridge are taking a major step in their relationship as they're planning on moving in together.

"Well, we're, No. 1, just praying for a healthy baby and we are looking at apartments together to move in together," he said, when asked how he and Selfridge are preparing for the arrival of their baby girl, who is due in April.

His update comes about a month after Selfridge told Champion Daily all about the couple's big move.

"No, we're not engaged," she told the publication in regards to the engagement rumors surrounding the pair. "This is a rumor that keeps popping up lol. But we are taking our relationship to an even more committed level."

"Specifically, we have decided to move in together before the baby arrives," she continued, expressing just how excited she was to take this next step with Wharton. "We will move in together next month so we're completely settled in by the time the baby arrives in April."

As for what else is in store for Wharton in the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG, he shared that fans are in for an exciting, and incredibly open, look into his family's lives.

"I would just let them know that me and Cheyenne don't always get along, but we always put Ryder first," the reality star shared. "And it's going to be a great season and we're letting people inside of our lives even more than before and it's just going to be good."

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.