'Teen Mom OG': Bristol Palin 'Nervous' to Reach out to Ex Dakota Meyer After Social Media Attacks

Bristol Palin is extending an olive branch to ex-husband Dakota Meyer amid their online back-and-forth in Monday's all-new episode of Teen Mom OG.

Palin filed for divorce from her husband of two years in February, citing “discord or conflict of personalities," but fans of the MTV reality show have gotten an inside look at the couple's undoing during their first season on the series, including the couple going back and forth about each other on social media.

In Monday's episode of Teen Mom, Palin decides to reach out to her ex following some pretty negative headlines about their co-parenting relationship, sharing 2-year-old daughter Sailor and 1-year-old daughter Atlee.

“Co-parenting is still hard, especially because I've seen the things he's said about me on social media," she says in a preview of the show. “So I want to reach out to him and see if we can get on the same page.”

She tells a producer asking about the long message she's penning for her ex, "I'm going to text him to see if we can meet up and try and figure things out. I just want to get along and parent our girls in the best manner, and not have these attacks all over social media and be adults about the situation.”

The 27-year-old continues, "When you’re sitting here bashing the mother of your kids, that's harming your kids, just like [I am] sitting here trying to bash him."

It's not an easy text to send however. "I'm nervous to reach out to him, because I don’t know what his response is going to be and I don’t want to ruffle feathers, because I don’t want to fight with him,” she says.

Recently, Palin alleges that Meyer wouldn't respond to a message she sent him about her 9-year-old son Tripp's school, "which kind of bothered me, because it has nothing to do with us, it has everything to do with Tripp."

"Just like this text message now, it will have nothing to with us, it’s about the kids," she continues. "Our relationship has been over for a long time, so there should not be any hurt feelings. I’ve already gone through this with [ex Levi Johnston] before. I've shared Tripp before, and I know this is his first time, but I don’t want it to take 10 years to get to point where we can say, 'Oh, can you pick him up? I’m running late,' or something like that.”


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo Credit: MTV