'Teen Mom OG' Bristol Palin and Ex Dakota Meyer Agree to Stop Fighting During Reunion Appearance

Bristol Palin and ex-husband Dakota Meyer have reached a truce in their tumultuous relationship.

Following the two-episode Teen Mom OG reunion special, in which the former couple remained civil towards one another, the iciness in their relationship seemed to have completely thawed when they were caught backstage during a new Backstage Pass special episode, which aired on Monday night.

"I'm glad that we're getting along. A fresh start, right?" Palin said to Meyer towards the end of the segment. "I was super nervous about having to see you…I don't want to fight."

"No, I think we're good," Meyer said.

"Me too, I'm glad. I'm happy that it went well," Palin continued.

"I think we should just try to continue this in the best way we can," Meyer later added.

"Yeah, there's no need to fight, right?" Palin questioned, to which Meyer agreed.

The former couple's first season on the MTV reality series largely focused on the downfall of their relationship, which saw them file for divorce in January of 2018 after less than two years of marriage.

Despite maintaining a co-parenting relationship for 2-year-old daughter Sailor and 1-year-old daughter Atlee, their relationship was oftentimes painted as toxic, with the two frequently going back and forth at one another on social media.

Their depiction on the MTV reality series, in which Meyer accused Palin of being a "compulsive liar" and their parenting skills were questioned, eventually led both Palin and Meyer to criticize the show for the inaccurate depiction of their relationship.

After dubbing the series "trailer trash," Meyer later wrote that "it's time to call it what it is [Teen Mom OG] parenting is way more than everyone sitting around b—ing about their ex's [sic]."

Palin shared a similar sentiment, claiming in a lengthy Instagram post that the series provided fans with "inaccuracies and false narratives" in an attempt to make her a "fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS."

"Every week is a continued disappointment with their inaccuracies and false narratives. I hate getting all emo on you guys but I've kept quiet for too long about it," she continued. "Don't believe everything you see on TV."


Following the former couple's statements and the continued portrayal of their relationship on Teen Mom OG, Meyer promised in an Instagram post that he had "made the commitment to Bristol to work towards a better relationship and putting our children's best interests before my own."