'Teen Mom OG': Bristol Palin's Convicted Stalker Allegedly Returns With Scary Messages

Bristol Palin is living in a 'total nightmare' after the Teen Mom OG star's convicted stalker is [...]

Bristol Palin is living in a "total nightmare" after the Teen Mom OG star's convicted stalker is allegedly back to threatening her family.

The daughter of former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin took to her Instagram Story Tuesday to reveal that Peter Fererro, whom the Anchorage Daily News reported has been harassing her and her family both in person and online, was giving her problems again, despite being convicted on felony stalking charges related to his actions towards her a number of times.

"You guys … I feel like I have been silently living in a total nightmare," Palin wrote in a message to her followers on social media. "I have no clue who this guy is, never met him, never had a conversation with him, zero association with him, ever."

Despite her family having a temporary restraining order against Fererro, the MTV personality shared a photo of his Facebook page, which was the same used on an Instagram account sending her threatening messages.

Palin then shared a video of herself scrolling through what appears to be hundreds of direct messages on Instagram from the account, including, "F— off Bristol you dumb whore, '[Oh my God] but who's my baby daddies, who are they?'"

He also threatened to take a paternity test in order to take her children away from her, writing, "Make one move Bristol and it's coming out and you are done. I will file my own motions, I don't need a lawyer and you will be finished as a mother and never see any three again except when I say b—, you got that … I got grounds for all three to be stripped from you."

He continued, "So lawyer the f— up Bristol and make a move because if a single restraining order comes, you dumb c—, if one comes I'm stripping them from you. That's it you're done."

The messages are definitely unnerving, but Palin reassured her followers that she was working with police and her lawyers to obtain a lifetime protective order against the man.

"You guys!! I appreciate all your support, concern, and care but don't send apologies!!" Palin shared alongside photos of herself shooting a gun on a gun range. "I'm no victim, other people have things a lot worse, I just need prayers for protection over my kids and that this ends soon! I won't let this POS win — life is good and God is still blessing my little fam."

Photo credit: Instagram/Bristol Palin