'Teen Mom OG' Star Amber Portwood's Alleged Machete Attack Captured on Video, Audio

Video and audio has surfaced of the incident that landed Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood in jail over the summer. In the incident, in which Portwood allegedly wielded a machete at her now ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, the two can be heard arguing through a closed door. The audio shows Glennon asking Portwood if she took a bunch of her prescribed medicines in one sitting, implying suicide on her end and calling her a bad mother.

Click here to listen to the audio and see the video.

At the end of the clip, what sounds like something hacking at the door can be heard, with Glennon yelling, "What are you doing?" Earlier in the clip, he said she was holding a machete.

Video footage from Ring on the front porch then shows the couple getting ready to head out with their 1-year-old son, James, to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July holiday. But the family has to turn around after leaving in their car due to a main road being closed, which Portwood was not happy about. Glennon chastised Portwood for not being prepared for the Fourth of July, and the argument escalates after they head out in the car and return to the house yet again.

The Ring footage then switches to inside the family's kitchen, in which Portwood speaks to the camera and tells Glennon that his "stuff" is out on the front porch.

As previously reported, Portwood took a plea deal in the domestic violence incident, pleading guilty to domestic battery and intimidation. She also received a no-contact order and will be on probation for 906 days. If she completes her probation without any run-ins with the law, the felony domestic battery charge will be dismissed and the felony intimidation charge will be dropped to a misdemeanor.

The deal also requires Portwood to take a 26-week batters' intervention program, which involves submitting to random urine and breath testing.


According to court documents, the incident escalated to the point where Portwood grabbed a massive knife and swung the bladed side at Glennon, which could have been what was heard in the audio.

While Glennon has since admitted on social media that he has already forgiven the mother of his child for the incident, a source told Us Weekly that it is unlikely the couple will ever reconcile.