'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood Opens up About Her Drinking Problem in New Clip

A new clip from this week's episode of Teen Mom OG features a heart to heart between Amber [...]

A new clip from this week's episode of Teen Mom OG features a heart to heart between Amber Portwood and her brother, where she opens up about her drinking.

This week will show Portwood's visit from her brother, Shawn Portwood Jr. The siblings have a lot of catching up and reconnecting to do, and Portwood herself is not holding back in the process. In a clip posted by the show's official Facebook account on Sunday, Portwood admits that she and her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, had a phase of raucous drinking before her pregnancy.

"The first time I met Andrew, you was pregnant," Shawn said. "The second time I met him, there was a baby. But really when you think about it, as far as the type of person you compared to the type of person you were, I think you're genuinely more happy."

"Somehow, he changed me and I changed him at the same time. I don't know how," Portwood agreed. "Me and Matt broke up, I went through this really bad depression, and instead of going to drugs, I actually started drinking a lot."

The news did not appear to surprise Shawn, who maintained a stoic expression as Portwood described the depths of her depression-fueled drinking days. She confessed that Glennon had been sober when he met her, but had slid into drinking whenever he was around her.

"When I met [Andrew] he was sober and stuff, but he was drinking with me," she said. "And we were doing that s— together, for a few months."

Portwood assured her brother that when she learned that she was pregnant again, the party had stopped at once. However, the way she said it seemed to suggest that it was not an easy transition.

"Then I find out I'm pregnant and it's like, I just had to stop immediately. And then, I think a couple months after, he completely quit drinking, and stuff like that," Portwood said.

"That's what it should be," Shawn put in.

"So we're keeping each other straight," Portwood went on. "So both of us, we just needed a happy family. Just love. Real love."

From there, the conversation turned to Portwood's older daughter, Leah Leann Shirley, who will be 10 years old next month. Portwood said that she had been giving her daughter more choice in where she spent her time recently, while Shawn expressed concerns that disrupting the custody arrangement could lead to a tenuous situation down the road. That discussion cut off, however, and fans will likely have to tune in to see it for themselves.

Teen Mom OG airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.